I was born in Atlanta to non-horse loving parents.  I attended a horse camp at the Little Hope Ranch in Conyers when I was 5 years old.  I was hooked immediately and was fortunate enough to go until I was 12 years old.  That same year I purchased my first horse, and from then on horses have been the highlight of my life!  In 1971 we moved to Miami and I had to sell my now three horses to make the move.  We lived in a townhouse and having to board I was down to only having one horse.  I ended up buying the horse of a lifetime, Espie.  She changed my life.  It turns out she was pregnant, no riding, so I ended up going to a trick riding/English riding school in Chile, South America.  This is where I really learned to ride English, even though my instructor was only Spanish speaking.  I was as happy as I have ever been and just soaked it up.  I came home in 1973 and finished High School, began riding my beautiful Espie and applied for college at Meredith Manor Equestrian College.  The time I spent at MMEC was more than I bargained for, and the only truly difficult thing I had done to date.  It prepared me for life as an employee, a boss, a friend, but mostly they found the teacher in me.  Since leaving Meredith Manor in 1975 as a Riding Master.  I have taught, trained and showed my entire life.  My most memorable moments have been with kids showing horses.  I find satisfaction in students that I taught to ride as young teenagers that are now in their forty’s and fifty’s that still come back to visit me.  I like to make a difference.