My Lessons

In my opinion saddle time is the most important thing for a child to learn.  We try to foster a fun atmosphere that the kids enjoy.  I find it difficult to mix fun and learning in a short lesson.  I like to give children time to enjoy the experience and let the learning sink in.  A lot of parents tell me they have a hard time getting their kids to ride at home, but they will spend hours every day at my barn.  I think for the kids the group riding adds to the enjoyment.  New kids here are greeted by the fellow kids introducing themselves and asking their name and offering assistance.  I also have a wonderful group of parents that will greet the new kids and parents as well.  This is a non-pretentious barn with no whining and no snootiness rules.  My motto is unconditional acceptance, NO excuses!  We’re here to ride!  Part of the lessons include all aspects of care for the horses.  After the kids’ safety, the care for the horses is number one.  I feel all riders should learn proper care for the horses so at this barn everyone helps. 

Beyond Lessons

Students have a choice to compete or not, with no expectations.   The only expectations here are kindness, effort, and compliance to barn rules.  I believe in producing riders, but most important is a child that grows up and can function in this world.  Most children leave here with a much better sense of where they are in the world having overcome fears and accomplished many goals.  For those that want to compete, we are currently competing in NBHA district 08 and on the second and fourth Saturday’s at the Union County Riding Club.  We may also attend other jackpots and runs as interest arises. 

Lessons and Beyond